You have wanted and needed to update your kitchen.  The appliances are 15 years old, or more.  The counter tops are stained and you can’t keep them clean.  The linoleum on your floors is coming up at the edges, and your cabinet doors just don’t hang right anymore.

I’d think you’d agree…it’s time for a new kitchen.

Just thinking about the process seems overwhelming doesn’t it?  At Black Oak Renovations we specialize in Kitchen remodeling.  It all starts with the dream.  Let me show you.  We can customize your concept by doing very simple steps.

Creating the plan. Together we design the plans and the budget to make your project run as smoothly as possible and completed on time.  When you work with Black Oak Renovations we take into account your goals for your project and the discuss the feasibility of it in conjunction with your budget, your neighborhood and your short and long term plans. Our objective is to turn your thoughts and dreams into reality. To find out more about our process, please visit our website at www.blackoakrenovations.comDSCN0116