With just a few more months of summer left, it’s a great time to start looking forward to the fall when the nights get shorter.  By adding outdoor lighting to your deck or patio you can take summer into fall. Adding lights will create a pleasant ambiance for you to share with your friends and family.  They will also provide you with safer walking areas around your property.

When planning what lights to use there are many options to choose from, but first consider the type of light with fit your area and how you need them the function.  Plus, don’t forget your neighbors… you don’t want them complaining about keeping them up at night. Here are some options:

String or Rope Lightslights 1

String or rope lights offer versatility and style — they go up in any location, there’s no need to conceal wiring (it’s included), and they come in tons of colors, styles, and sizes. You can choose standard lights that plug directly into an outlet, or low-voltage lights that use 12-volt current. There are also solar powered lights available.



Light Fixtures on Posts

Fixtures on posts offer ambient lighting and signal the railing location. Low-voltage LED light fixtures run on 12-volt current that’s much safer than regular 120-volt household current, making installation DIY-friendly. These can be expensive and do require extra labor if you need to add wire to the decking.  If you are going to remodel or add a new deck, then add the lighting at that time. If this is the case, there are many solar power options for fixtures as well. They are fairly easy to install.


lights 4 lights 3


You can get as creative as you want in adding lighting. Here are some great ideas you might want to check out.