It can be a tough choice when you are designing or remodeling a new bathroom. Most of the time functionality wins out over style, but choosing a new faucet can really reflect your style without breaking your bank.  According to some interior designers, not everything has to match, which makes it great if a husband and wife have different tastes. A bathroom is the best place to mix and match your styles without losing the function of the room.

In today’s design world, you can mix a classic look with vintage or modern.  You can mix the finishes to create contrast and add a bit of color. Brushed, satin, chrome, stainless or oil rubbed finishes provide you with many choices to go with your overall design taste.

At Black Oak Renovations we will walk you through a simple, but effective design process to make sure you not only get the style you want but the functionality you need with all of your renovation projectsContact us today and let’s get you the bathroom you’ve been waiting for.

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