We all dread the cold. We get out the coats, the hats, gloves and sometimes even the long underwear. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to do the same with our home. Since your home is more than likely your largest investment here are some tips that may help you prepare your home for the winter months.

What to do about preventing your pipes from freezing:  There are several things you can do to protect your pipes.  First, if you have a crawl space under your house then you will need to close the vents around your house to protect them from the cold air.  Second, disconnect all hoses and install foam covers.  They only cost a few dollars and you can find them at most hardware stores.

Clean your gutters and roof.  Leaves can easily clog up your drain spouts and gather on your roof.  They also can create ice dams that block water from draining properly which can cause it to back up and possibly cause water damage inside your walls.  The water will find somewhere to go.

Garage doors can keep your house warmer. You may not realize that, but keeping your garage doors closed can help your water heater run more efficiently by not having to work so hard.  Don’t forget to make sure the seals around the door are tight and that it closes completely.

Taking care of your home now will help stop any surprises in the future. Especially, when you go to renovate your home to make it the way you want.

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