Summertime and the livin’ is easy…that’s a dream all have. We all dream about having the perfect deck to sit outside, relax, and hear the birds sing on. We want it to be that outside living / dining room paradise that we can enjoy with our friends and family. But do you need to do to build your outdoor paradise?

detached deck 1 deck-2

When considering adding a new deck, or patio area there are many factors to consider:

Why do you want a deck or patio area?  Is it for you and the family? Do you love to entertain the neighbors and friends? Do you love being outside? Do you love working in the yard?

There are many reasons, but deciding the “WHY” will help you decide before you get too far into a project.

Another important reason to add or renovate patios and decks is to consider the cost return for your investment. Decks and patios are a great cost-effective way to increase your home’s living space without actually adding on. Plus, you could recover 30% to 60% of your investment.  For example, a $2,000 patio would return around $900 at resale. (Data provided from If you are adding or renovating, first decide if you are staying in your home or just making an upgrade before you put it on the market.

Looking to add an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, or pool? Don’t go crazy with high-end amenities, especially if you’d be the only one in your neighborhood with one. Think about resale. You will not get an equal return on your investment, nor will it yield as high a return as you think it should be.

Some wise advice when planning a deck or patio:

  • Check property for slope, sun, and shade patterns.
  • Remember ‘dig alerts’ that utilities provide free of charge.
  • Don’t skimp on lighting. It can make all the difference in functionality and beautification.